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Farrah Abraham Strikes Again With Her Lies!

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling Farrah Abraham strikes again with her lies! February 14, 2014 Jeremy Feist Leave a Comment Filed Under Famewhores Tagged Brian Dawe Couples Therapy Farrah Abraham Im sure this is going to absolutely blow your mind, but Farrah Abraham opened her bear-trap of a mouth and lies came out. I know, Im amazed too. This time, Farrah reportedly lied Farrah Abraham sex taps about her fake boyfriend ( Brian Dawe ) having a mental breakdown, which is why he bailed on her and Couples Therapy . Of course, it could just be that what she planned for them was immoral and no one would ever want to be around her for more than a few seconds, but no. Mental breakdown. That works too.
Source http://popbytes.com/farrah-abraham-strikes-again-with-her-lies/

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